Stressed? Healthy Tips for Teens and Families Coping with the Ups & Downs of Life

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Shifting our focus on the positive, the awesome and the healthy…

Mindful Movement and Mindful Games are important programs and activities for our kids, both elementary and high school aged, to practice as they grow.

With horrible statistics on stress, anxiety and depression among our teens and even young children, it’s time to take a deep  breath ourselves and bring about new normals for our kids. Taking time for us and teaching our children to take time for their own peace of mind, is worth talking about. I was honoured to present to the Oakville Iroquois High School Parents recently, who admitted, yes, we all can use help to raise our children in this ever more technological quicksand.

The Joshua Creek Neighbourhood Magazine invited my editorial on Stress with our Teens. As you will read, this, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” approach means we can’t just preach it. We have to take time to breathe, smell the roses, bring awareness to our own tones… ya, the tough stuff.

Our children are mirrors, so let’s create a climate at home and school that nurtures acceptance, self-care and healthy choices for both our physical and mental well being.FamilyHiking4 stock

Techniques for Stress Management & more importantly… Living an Intentional Life of Calm, Peace and Happiness

A few thoughts on stress…

Derived from the Latin word “to draw tight”

Part of our evolutionary drive to survive

79-90% of doctors visits are due to stress

Over 1 million work absences in Canada directly due to stress. Dr. Molly Schotchmer

Try these practical tools at home, at the office and with your children, to feel less

reactive and more in control, promoting more kind and accepting relationships.

Nourish Your Body

Eat at least 3 meals a day: skipping meals adds stress to the body, which in turn promotes the production of the stress hormone (cortisol) which slows the metabolism and inhibits healthy organ function. Susan Albers-Psy.d., Eating Mindfully

Eat Mindfully

This can help to avoid heartburn, bloating and indigestion.

Reduce Caffeine

This stimulant to the central nervous system increases irritability and insomnia.

Be Active at Least 30 Minutes a Day

Physical activity relaxes and energizes your body. No time? Just 10 minutes, 3 times a day will do.  Dr. David Posen, Is Work Killing You?

Build Activity into your Day

Park farther from the door and make your work break a walking break.

Taking available opportunities while walking from your car to the door, to take deep breaths with a positive intention, gives perspective and increases your tolerance and compassion to others and self.  Dr. J. Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Think Positively

Neurons that fire together, Wire together. This too requires practice. You will be more apt to bring a positive thought to your mind as your patterns shift.  Dr. B. Lipton, The Biology of Belief

It’s simple but not easy; however, coming from a more mindful, calm and accepting place is a worthwhile journey.

Deb Taylor, Holistic Wellness Specialist, can meet your group on location to lead an interactive presentation, promoting confidence in your ability to manage stress while bringing awareness to your positive intentions.

for info and booking:     905 302-7838

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How Do I Want To Feel?

As the holidays are upon us, it seems a wonderful time for reflection.
I know the whole “Resolution” thing can be intimidating, so how about a new way to approach next steps.
How about asking the question,
                                                          “How Do I Want To Feel?”

This habit I have formed has caused some very real shifts in my life, my approach to life, and the outcomes that evolve with my new growth.
Good shifts… showing me that we can Cause the Effect in our lives and live the life we want!

As we meditate on how we want to feel, actually name the feeling, and then elevate the emotion along with that thought, the subconscious mind will get accustomed to that feeling.
The body and subconscious mind will familiarize with that good feeling. Then, naturally, we will take steps and make decisions that move toward that feeling. It’s quite magical, really.
Try it!  If you can commit to this for a day or two, you’ll see how it really works.
If you do, please let me know how it’s going. Report back and share.

There is a short Mindful Movement video on my Youtube channel for you to practice with me online.
This has stretch, yoga and QiGong to mindfully move for stretch, strength and mindfulness.

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Mindful Movement, Yoga & Retreats We’re having fun with wellness

Hi My Friend

Here’s what’s going on with all the fun I’ve been having with my new programs.

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Wellness Retreat Oakville: 1 Full Day

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Mindful Stress Management & Movement
Nature Walk through the Labyrinth
Gentle Yoga: Strengthen +Tone

Mood Boost with Ameflore Essential Oils 

Breath Work & Braveheart Meditation
Nutrition Coaching & Menu Planning Take-Home Recipes. Lunch included

This Full Day Retreat  is for men and women alike, 16 years+   Recharge your batteries for Mental and Physical Health…with a focus on Mental Health and Stress Management.

Bani Aello and I are both certified elementary and high school teachers with decades of experience in educating people of ALL ages in finding peace and calm in stressful times.  Ask about the special gift for educators.

Body & Mind Yoga

Monday & Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30pm

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Mindful Movement: Gentle Movements & Mindfulness

Mindful Movement gentle stretch  tone, stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness physiotherapy, yoga

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runs through to October 30

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Braveheart Guided Meditations

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Wellness Retreat Arizona

5 days of Yoga, Meditation, QiGong,
Spirit In The Desert, Arizona

Hikes in the Red Rock, Leisure Time for golf, shopping  & more.

Journey to Feel Better & Heal Better

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Ultimate Girls Getaway

April 27th, 2018 at the Pillar and Post at Niagara On The Lake! (A.K.A., WINE COUNTRY!)
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Deb Taylor

Telomeres: Our Pulse on Youth & Vitality

As we focus our attention on healthy living, both Body & Mind, we must consider the biological aging process as a factor, like it or not.

Ageism has been used as a crutch for many couch potatoes and ruminators alike for quite some time, and many of us are putting a lid on the victimizing and bringing back the “Not Getting Older, We’re Getting Better” outlook.

The trillions of cells in our body, each have chromosomes in our cells.

(remember grade 9 science class)

At the very tip of these chromosomes are tiny little strands of DNA called telomeres—biological clocks buried in our genetic makeup that science previously thought had a finite existence. Scientists have watched the shrivel and shorten of our telomeres as we age; however, recently, these same scientists have now proven that we can lengthen our telomeres, adding youth and vitality to our lives, no matter what your age.

This is great news! We are realizing time and time again, with a greater understanding of how our bodies work, that we are not the victims of the aging process that we thought we were.

“Here’s how the great news gets real: through some healthy lifestyle interventions such as exercise, reducing stress, eating foods high in antioxidants, and practicing yoga and meditation, telomeres can also be lengthened. It begs the question, when we make the right choices to create more balance and homeostasis, can we reverse our biological clock and alter our genetic destiny?” Dr. Joe Dispenza

Nutrition is key. Yoga and meditation, to tone, strengthen and breathe our way into health are definitely necessary; however, without clean and wholesome nutrition, we are making it much harder on ourselves. You know that wonderful feeling of waking up after a good night sleep and feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take a delicious bite out of your day?


Well, let’s put a greater focus on your nutrition. Healing your gut with food free of chemicals and full of nutrients will give you energy that you might have forgotten you can have! Simple yet not easy.

Let’s break it down:
½ your plate: Organic raw or lightly grilled vegetables of all colours

¼ your plate: Clean Protein: either vegan or poultry, fish and the occasional lean red meat without sauce sprinkled generously with fresh spices like turmeric, basil, garlic, pepper, oregano, cilantro, parsley, cumin, etc.

¼ your plate: Complex Carbohydrate with a Tablespoon or 2 of healthy fats like olive oil drizzled on your quinoa, sprinkled with goat’s cheese and a few olives.

Now ramp it up with a boost.

There are ways to boost your efforts with supplements that are high quality and organic. Know what you’re taking to be sure the supplement is bio-available. Research the supplement company thoroughly to know you’re getting what the label claims. Timeblock is one that provides high potency antioxidants to heal and nourish our telomeres, as we continue on our health journey. Important ingredients like organic barley, green tea and shitake mushrooms are ingredients shown to improve telomere length, dialing back the clock to youthfulness and health.

Stay the course and believe in your power to guide your own ship, and remember,

…You’re getting better!

Deb Taylor

Holistic Wellness Specialist

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Braveheart: Set Intentions by Deb Taylor 


Fire It Up for Vitality

    Fire up your body’s ability to burn healthy food as energy, and what you get is a happy body. Your metabolic flame gives you both mental and physical energy, as well as emotional stamina. This flame fuels every single cell in your body, from your skin to your organs to your energy systems. Without this fire, you won’t Survive & Thrive.
As far back as the Vedas, the ancient Eastern sacred writings, fire has been the element that causes our life force energy to heal, renew and enliven our body, mind and spirit.

     Plants are nourished by the sun’s fire. As we eat the food of the plant, breathe in the smell of their essential oils and digest, we nourish our bodies with this life force energy for ease in our movement, thought and feelings.

The quality of our energy depends on the choices we make and what we put into our fireplace – our immune system.
Our vitality, energy and desire for life are created by these choices we make.

     If we feel low and depleted physically and emotionally, it’s often because we have built our body temple with undigested, poorly transformed food. Foods that weaken our life source are poor quality processed, GMO foods and stale leftovers. Overeating, eating in a hurry, combining raw fruits with other foods, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and overwork can also cause a lowered state of vitality.

As for the mind’s health, low quality fuel such as violent movies, shows or books, negative thoughts and unkind words, aggressive touch, bad smells and loud disturbing music can cause a depleted mental state causing low energy, stress and depression.

What our body’s temple is craving:

pure fresh foods aligned with the season,

beautiful sense stimulation that nourish the tissue 

a practice of solitude and stillness 

mindful movements

a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a focus and commitment to improve and sustain the feeling of awesome in the body and the mind that will last you a lifetime.

So, let’s remind each other… we’re here to Love Life!

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.


Deb T.

Practice Makes…Better

Like anything, really. Maybe not perfect, but definitely better.

Everything from playing tennis or golf to working in excel, practice and focused effort causes improved skill.

Meditation and Mindfulness is the same!

If I had a nickle every time someone told me they “weren’t good at it”, or they “could never quiet their mind and think of Nothing” when it comes to meditation, I would have a massive pile of nickles by now.

For me, being a self diagnosed hyper-high-energy type, I thought the same thing 5 years ago when I first tried to meditate.

I had to start with short guided meditations. I had my sister, Bani Aello, coach me to realize that it was okay that my mind wandered a hundred times at first. And ya, I eventually became very forgiving of myself as I would just pull my mind back from wandering thoughts when I first started practicing stillness.

I did get better at this! I can say humbly, that I’m pretty darn great at stillness and single-thought mindfulness now. The time set aside for this practice was not for nothin!  I can focus on a flower and appreciate the petals, leaves and colour for quite a while before becoming distracted. I was determined to keep practicing to improve, and yes, I did.

In the mean time, my chronic headaches gradually disappeared. My negative inner monologue became less negative. I even began automatically rhyming off a gratitude list when I was in the car, instead of getting frustrated with the traffic. It’s changed my whole outlook on life.

Researchers now know the benefits of practicing positive focused awareness and a single thought in the mind. This ‘brain break’ improves mental, emotional and even physical health in all kinds of ways. (more on the proven benefits to come)

The main obstacle most people have is the confidence that they can actually ‘do it’. 

So, I recommend you just start.

Begin with a guided meditation, or just listening to your breath. Even for just a minute.

You’ll feel relaxed the more you feel good about relaxing. (don’t get me started on quantum physics)

Being outside in nature almost always helps. (don’t get me started on Forest Bathing)

Next time we’ll talk more about the benefits of practicing focused awareness and single thought mindfulness, but for now, baby steps.

One breath at a time…

Inhale, 2, 3, 4

Exhale 2, 3, 4

Let me know how it goes for you,


Deb T.

Photo credit: Aidan Stoddard


Practice Makes…Better