Fire It Up for Vitality

    Fire up your body’s ability to burn healthy food as energy, and what you get is a happy body. Your metabolic flame gives you both mental and physical energy, as well as emotional stamina. This flame fuels every single cell in your body, from your skin to your organs to your energy systems. Without this fire, you won’t Survive & Thrive.
As far back as the Vedas, the ancient Eastern sacred writings, fire has been the element that causes our life force energy to heal, renew and enliven our body, mind and spirit.

     Plants are nourished by the sun’s fire. As we eat the food of the plant, breathe in the smell of their essential oils and digest, we nourish our bodies with this life force energy for ease in our movement, thought and feelings.

The quality of our energy depends on the choices we make and what we put into our fireplace – our immune system.
Our vitality, energy and desire for life are created by these choices we make.

     If we feel low and depleted physically and emotionally, it’s often because we have built our body temple with undigested, poorly transformed food. Foods that weaken our life source are poor quality processed, GMO foods and stale leftovers. Overeating, eating in a hurry, combining raw fruits with other foods, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and overwork can also cause a lowered state of vitality.

As for the mind’s health, low quality fuel such as violent movies, shows or books, negative thoughts and unkind words, aggressive touch, bad smells and loud disturbing music can cause a depleted mental state causing low energy, stress and depression.

What our body’s temple is craving:

pure fresh foods aligned with the season,

beautiful sense stimulation that nourish the tissue 

a practice of solitude and stillness 

mindful movements

a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a focus and commitment to improve and sustain the feeling of awesome in the body and the mind that will last you a lifetime.

So, let’s remind each other… we’re here to Love Life!

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.


Deb T.

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