Stressed? Healthy Tips for Teens and Families Coping with the Ups & Downs of Life

Stress Teens & Families Article 1 Neighbourhood Mag

Shifting our focus on the positive, the awesome and the healthy…

Mindful Movement and Mindful Games are important programs and activities for our kids, both elementary and high school aged, to practice as they grow.

With horrible statistics on stress, anxiety and depression among our teens and even young children, it’s time to take a deep  breath ourselves and bring about new normals for our kids. Taking time for us and teaching our children to take time for their own peace of mind, is worth talking about. I was honoured to present to the Oakville Iroquois High School Parents recently, who admitted, yes, we all can use help to raise our children in this ever more technological quicksand.

The Joshua Creek Neighbourhood Magazine invited my editorial on Stress with our Teens. As you will read, this, “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” approach means we can’t just preach it. We have to take time to breathe, smell the roses, bring awareness to our own tones… ya, the tough stuff.

Our children are mirrors, so let’s create a climate at home and school that nurtures acceptance, self-care and healthy choices for both our physical and mental well being.FamilyHiking4 stock

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