How Do I Want To Feel?

As the holidays are upon us, it seems a wonderful time for reflection.
I know the whole “Resolution” thing can be intimidating, so how about a new way to approach next steps.
How about asking the question,
                                                          “How Do I Want To Feel?”

This habit I have formed has caused some very real shifts in my life, my approach to life, and the outcomes that evolve with my new growth.
Good shifts… showing me that we can Cause the Effect in our lives and live the life we want!

As we meditate on how we want to feel, actually name the feeling, and then elevate the emotion along with that thought, the subconscious mind will get accustomed to that feeling.
The body and subconscious mind will familiarize with that good feeling. Then, naturally, we will take steps and make decisions that move toward that feeling. It’s quite magical, really.
Try it!  If you can commit to this for a day or two, you’ll see how it really works.
If you do, please let me know how it’s going. Report back and share.

There is a short Mindful Movement video on my Youtube channel for you to practice with me online.
This has stretch, yoga and QiGong to mindfully move for stretch, strength and mindfulness.

Deb Taylor Healthy Lifestyle

                                                         Deb Lotus on Dock cropped


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